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Determining which is the best electronic cigarette on the market is certainly a matter of opinion, but how do you go about choosing one if you are completely new to the idea of the e cig and really have no idea of what constitutes the best electronic cigarette brand? This is where having the best e-cigarette reviews can make it much easier to find something that will fit your needs and wants, rather than wasting your time trying out one e cigarette after another since not all of these e cigarettes are created equal.

With that being said, consumers should ask themselves: are you still hunting for the best E Cigarette in 2013? Are you worried whether your best E Cigarette is worse than your last one? Are you facing sleepless nights because you thought that your ‘so called’ best E Cig would help you reach a high but it failed miserably? If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, then you need to make sure that you know the trick of choosing the best electronic cigarettes.

With each e cigarette that is out there, the person will find that they each have pros and cons that is what makes them appealing to some users and unappealing to other users. In order to choose the one that is best for you, you must know the criteria on which you should rate these e-cigs and what to do your research on.

Here is how you choose the best Electronic Cigarettes in 2013:

1. Electronic cigarette brand should be the best

While choosing the best e cigarettes, you need to spend some quality time researching the top E Cig brands in the market. You may conduct a Google search for the same and make a list of the top 10 E Cigs brands. Once you have compiled the list, the next step is to conduct an extensive research about each individual brand. This research is something that is going to take time, and the person should not hurry as this is a purchase that they want to make sure that they are happy within the long run.

E cigarettes are not like standard cigarettes in the sense that you can change brands all the time. Of course most smokers find one brand and stick to it through thick and thin, but there is always the option to purchase another brand if the store is out of the kind you like when it comes to real cigarettes. With electric cigarettes, you have to buy the cartridges that go with the device you own, so it helps to make sure that the company you buy from always has plenty of cartridges in stock. With that being said, you can not use the device from one company and then turn around and use a cartridge that you like better from another company. The parts are not interchangeable, which is why it is so important to find something that is going to work for you so that you are satisfied with everything about the e cig that you choose.

There are many electronic cigarette brands that are on the market, and there are many brands that are the exact same, yet sell to the consumer market under a different name. When taking into consideration the different brands, the person should be aware that the older brands that were some of the first on the market are going to be much bigger than the current brands of e cigs. The technology has changed thus allowing these companies to make their e cig much smaller. Another aspect to keep in mind about these e cigarette brands that are out there is that the majority of these are manufactured in China, then sent to various retailers. Thus, in order to ensure that you get the best e cigarette brand for you, take into consideration the reliability of the carrier of the brand.

Take time to read the best electronic cigarette review that you can find on each brand before finalizing your decision on which is the best electronic cigarette brand. When you read several reviews, you would have an idea about the brand value of a particular E Cig. To be able to read unbiased reviews, visit Google as it has the Best E Cigarettes reviews, which will help you make a wise decision.

2. Comparing best electronic cigarette brand

Once you have compiled the list of the best electronic cigarette brands, you need to make a comparison amongst them with regard to the products they offer. How many cartridges do they offer? Do they offer a USB adapter with a wall charger? Do they include an atomizer in their starter pack? Do you get a user manual? You need to check all this before finalizing your best E Cig. The following are factors that are going to help you to make your decision much easier on which is the best e cigarette on the market:

a. E Cigarette warranty and money back guarantee.

When you have selected an e cigarette brand, you need to cross check whether your E Cig brand is confident enough of offering a 100% money back guarantee or not. While some do others don’t. So can decide which one is confident about its e cigarettes and which one has doubts. It helps you choose the best E Cigarettes.

Most of the time, you will find some type of warranty on a radio, but when it comes to electronic cigarettes, most companies are lacking when it comes to a warranty. You should look for a device that comes with a warranty of at least a year. That way you are sure to get your money’s worth out of it, even if it does break down and the company has to replace it. Besides, companies that offer warranties obviously stand behind the quality of their products, so it just makes a lot of sense to look for a warranty. Those that do not get a warranty are taking a huge risk in getting equipment that is broken or so forth. And remember that shipping is not fool proof there are accidents that happen, thus the guarantee that the company has behind their product should cover these types of accidents as well.

Best e cigarette brand in 2013 should provide lifetime warranty and 30 days money back guarantee on their electronic cigarettes and accessories.

Also consider whether they offer this money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product for whatever reason. Including if you simply do not like the taste or how the e cig works. Those companies that do are those that you are going to be able to trust, since they are those that stand behind their product.

b. Best E Cigarette technology

The best E Cigarette brand in 2013 is going to come in a two part design. Those that are not in this number of parts are not considered to be those that are going to work for the long haul for most consumers. The first part of the e cigarette that should be there is the atomizer, which is the part that heats the nicotine of the e cig and allows the person to puff out the vapor that is released. The secondly part is the cartridges, which is where the nicotine and the flavor is held for these e cigarettes. And this is the part that can be replaced as soon as the nicotine runs out.

Another important aspect to remember about these e cigarettes is that you want one that is going to allow you to change out the mouth piece and atomizing chamber each time that you change out the cartridge. This is for health reasons since these two pieces are going to constantly be getting the germs that your mouth holds, thus any e cigarette that does not offer this is not going to be in your best interest. Plus, aside from the health reasons to switch these out, the more bacteria and germ build up that is inside these pieces, the more likely the e cig is not going to work after some time.

The best electronic cigarette offers regular replacements of both the atomizing chamber and the mouthpiece. Best e cigarette brand does this by making both of these pieces part of the cartridge, which means you get fresh ones at the end of every pack. Replacing both of these parts is vital to the continuing performance of the device. It just won’t work as well if germs and bacteria are allow to build up inside of them. Therefore, be on the lookout for this and make sure that this is something that is allowed. If not, then look elsewhere since this will be a waste of money in the long run.

Best electronic cigarette in 2013 should be made by 2-part technology

c. Electronic Cigarette Style/Look/Authenticity

The whole point of switching to an electronic cigarette is to have something that will allow you to still be around non-smokers without that smoking odor hanging around, and the harmful chemicals bothering non smokers that are found in regular cigarettes. However, it defeats the purpose if the device you buy does not help you to feel like you are smoking ordinary cigarettes. Since more than likely if the electric cigarette is not giving the same feeling as the regular cigarette, then it is not going to be one that people will want to keep using.

Another factor is the physical look and feel of the device. If it feels like nothing more than a cheap piece of plastic, it will be very hard for you to think that you are smoking an actual cigarette. Unfortunately a lot of the brands seem to think that the plastic-looking versions of standard cigarettes are good enough for the average smoker, but it is very hard to get the authentic satisfaction of ordinary cigarettes when the thing you are puffing on is made of cheap-looking plastic that does not feel like a standard cigarette. When you hold the best ecig brand in between your fingers, you want the weight to be similar to a real cigarette, while you also want the feel of the cigarette, which is paper like to be there to convince your brain that it is getting a cigarette.

The best e cigarette 2013 should also look and feel more like a standard cigarette. The only way to find true satisfaction with electric cigarettes is if you can’t tell the difference between them and traditional cigarettes, and there are several features that make all the difference in the world when you are talking about authenticity.

Thus, look at the pictures of these best e cigarette review in order to know if they appear to be something that is similar to real cigarettes. What are the materials in which they are made of? How do others rate the feel of these? Keep these things in mind in order to know whether this is the brand that you should be considering or not.

d. Its all about the e cigarette taste

Another thing smokers should keep in mind when trying to choose the best e cigarette is the vapor volume. The vapor volume is the thickness of the vapor, and the thickness can either make the smoking experience very authentic or simply unsatisfying. Those who have never owned an e-cigarette before probably won’t know to look for this, but it is important to make sure that it offers a very high vapor volume. A high vapor volume means that the vapor feels very similar to regular smoke as it is being inhaled. Those brands out there that offer a low vapor volume are not going to be satisfying and the person will find that they have to smoke the e cig ten times more in order to get that real cigarette feel, something that you can avoid with buying the best e-cigarette brand out there.

A higher vapor volume will give you the feeling as if you are inhaling actual smoke, although nothing is actually burning inside of the device. What you are breathing in is actually vapor instead of smoke, and a higher vapor volume means that it is thicker and feels more like smoke as you inhale it.

Best e cigarette in 2013 must have one of the highest vapor volumes of all electronic cigarettes.

Flavors – of course online shops sell tobacco flavor, but they also often sell menthol and chocolate and other flavors. But the best e cigarette should offer more then 5-7 tastes! And when you inhale on this electronic cigarette, you should feel as though you are smoking the real thing. Otherwise, it is once again a waste of your money and time since it will not be that fulfilling.

e. Electronic cigarette quality

Looking for the best e cig is more like buying a new radio rather than a pack of cigarettes. This is because it is meant to last for quite a long time. You would be upset if your radio broke down after you used it a few times, and you should be upset with your electronic cigarette if it does the same. But the similarity ends when it comes to warranties. You want the best warranty that is out there in order to make sure that you are getting something that is going to last through all that you put it through.

Consider the batteries that are on these e cigs, which is probably one of the biggest issues that the person is going to have. They want something that is going to offer them a few batteries since they are going to have to be recharged. You do not want to find yourself having to not smoke because you only have one battery that is currently being charged.

Last, but not the least, always cross check whether the E Cigarette brand of your choice has any past defects attached to its products. For example, has there been a problem with its cartridges? Do they finish rather quickly and you need a refill? Does the atomizer stall? Has there been too many complaints regarding the brand in the recent past? The answers to all these questions would help you determines your best electronic cigarette brand in a jiffy. And you can find these answers through reading the best electronic cigarette review that is out there and published by those that have tried these brands as a way to find out this information for others. You will want to stay away from a brand that has many problems tied to it, as this increases the chance of you not being satisfied.

f. Fast shipping

Problems – unfortunately the best brands are often sold out. Most of them are also in Europe or China (the major manufacturers are Chinese). It’s not easy to find a quality e-cigarette in the United States. Make sure that the company you buy from always has plenty of Kits, cartridges and accessories in stock. Many companies offer free shipping. Some of them make “same day shipping” (for example SmokeTIP). Since you can’t just run out to the store to buy a new e-cigarette cartridge, you need to plan ahead.

Shipping of best e cigarette in 2013 should be very fast and take only 1-2 days

You should also consider those companies that are going to have automated shipping for when you should need new cartridges for your brand. This can be something that saves you time, and many companies will offer discounts to those that sign up for this. Plus, it is always nice to know that when you run away, more than likely you have a package that is waiting for you to replace the cartridges and so forth.

g. E Cigarette price

Price – Huge differences in price! The Vapor Cig that I saw at mall in California cost about $300. I see there are some really good brands for as little as $59. Refill cartridges seem to run from $6 to $10 for a set of five. Therefore, you should not think that the most expensive brand out there is something that is the best. This does not necessarily mean that it is. Many times the person will find that they will get something that is much cheaper now and in the long run and has a better taste and feel to it.

Compare prices of electronic cigarettes before you buy! Look for discount coupon.

Don’t forget to look for coupon code before you buy! As this can save you tons of money. Plus, consider those companies that are running deals to certain members of society. For example, many military members can qualify for a free starter kit if they are willing to try these e cigarettes in order to get off of the real cigarettes.

3. Electronic cigarette consumer reviews

Read e cigarette consumer reviews that could help you finally choose the best e cigarette for you. Just remember to take these consumer reviews with a grain of salt. However, you should read several in order to get a better idea of what the e cig is all about. One or two positive reviews should not be something that determines your decision, nor should one or two negative reviews.

Click here to read electronic cigarette reviews 2013

So, how do you choose? Armed with the opinions about service and quality that you find on and visit various websites of the e-cigarette distributors that sound best to you. Look at the pictures and compare the values. How long do they say a battery lasts? How many hours of puffing will you get from one cartridge? Do reviews state that the taste of these cigarettes is something that the person is going to like even if they have been a hard core smoker for the majority of their life? What is included in a starter pack? What do replacement cartridges cost? Where is the seller located? How long do they expect shipping to take? How much is shipping and handling? Do they offer discounts for shipping and the overall cost of the product?

To answer these questions you can use simple comparison table in our rating chart.

Click here to compare top rated e-cigarettes

4. What is the best e cigarette?

Just like any other product you might buy online, you are choosing without the benefit of seeing for yourself. You have to make the best informed decision that you can, and then go ahead with your order, and hope for the best. But, if you do your research and compare many of the brands out there, chances are you will find the best e cigarette on the market for you.

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