How to choose Best E Cigarette

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Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity and are quickly becoming an effective method of harm reduction for smokers, as well as being used as a smoking cessation tool. Although they have not been approved by the FDA as a safe smoking cessation device, this is one of their most popular uses and choosing an e cigarette for this function is a growing trend.

E-cigarettes offer many benefits over conventional cigarettes including reduced health risks, the possibility of cost savings, avoidance of smoking bans, the absence of second hand smoke and no lingering smoke smell.

E cigarettes and e-cigars are designed to simulate the smoking experience as closely as possible, and are rather effective in doing so. Nicotine is delivered by vapor rather then by smoke, which is why using these electronic cigarette devices is actually called vaping, rather than smoking.

Cartridges for electronic cigarettes are available in a variety of flavors, which can enhance the vaping experience and most e-cig cartridges are refillable, which can lead to cost savings over traditional cigarettes.

If you are interested in switching to electronic cigarettes either for the variety of benefits, or in an effort to quit smoking, follow these tips to find the ecig that is right for you.

An electronic cigarette starter kit, or separate purchase of all parts to create an e-cigarette.
Additional electronic cigarette cartridges or an e-cigarette cartridge refill kit.
Optional accessories, such as a carrying case specifically designed for electronic cigarettes, tweezers, a refill syringe, extra e-cig atomizers and extra electronic cigarette parts.

Read e cigarette reviews. Electronic cigarettes are still fairly new, which means some brands of e-cigs still have some kinks to work out. There are a few e-smoker forums online with e-cigarette reviews to assist you in narrowing down the best e-cigarette brands you might be interested in purchasing.

Check with the dealer or manufacturer to confirm that the e-cig cartridges are refillable. Or, if you are not interested in refilling your own cartridges, find out which cartridges are available where you live, or can be easily ordered online.

Keep in mind that if you choose to refill your e-cigarette cartridges, not only will you save money, but you can purchase smoke juice that does not contain propylene glycol. While the FDA has approved propylene glycol as safe for consumption, no long-term studies have been conducted – particularly for inhaling it with an atomizer – so you will need to decide whether or not it is worth the risk. E cigarettes are already safer alternatives for smokers, but by taking this one additional step and avoiding propylene glycol, you might be able to make it even safer.

Avoid mall kiosks. The only advantage of buying your electronic cigarette from a mall kiosk is the ease of returning the product if it does not work. Aside from that, you can expect to pay three to four times more for an e cigarette from the mall, than you would if you purchased it online.

Search for coupon codes. While you will already be saving money if you purchase your e-cigarette online, saving more is always better. Coupon codes are common – and are often listed in electronic cigarette forums – so it is well worth the time to search for coupon codes for brands you are considering.

Consider a starter kit. Most e cigarette dealers and manufacturers offer an electronic cigarette starter kit. E-cig starter kits can save you money and generally include one or two e-cig batteries, an atomizer, a battery charger and cartridges.

Look for a warranty. As mentioned before, e-cigarettes are still relatively new and it is clear that manufacturers are still working to improve the product. Some dealers and manufacturers offer warranties up to a year in length, which you may want to take advantage of, since it is quite common for e-smokers to have issues with their electronic cigarettes upon purchase.

Purchase extra parts. Make sure you have spare atomizers and cartridges on hand at all times. You never know when your atomizer might burn out and you do not want to be without the parts you need and be forced to wait for new parts to be shipped before you can enjoy your best e-cig again.

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