Advantages of e Cigarettes. Benefits of smoking e-cigs instead of traditional tobacco

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There are many ways of smoking; some people prefer tobacco cigarettes, others can’t imagine themselves without a Cuban cigar, and some people decided to experience new type of smoking. This new way is e cigarettes. They are becoming extremely popular and it is possible to meet people smoking e cig anywhere. Nobody is surprised with those wonderful devices anymore.
But let’s have a look at several important e cigarette benefits. Definitely there are quite many advantages but we will describe just most important.

1) E cigarettes are convenient. In fact there is no real difference between tobacco cig and e cig. They have got the same shape and size. E cig looks exactly like regular cigarette. So nobody would really recognize that you consume e cigarette. Maintenance of e cigs is extremely simple; just replace smoking liquid, charge battery and that’s it.

2) Health benefits e cigarettes. E cigarettes are less harmful. Probably everyone knows that smoking kills, but e cigs were designed in special way. Device warms special liquid and smokers breathe in steam from boiling liquid. This means that there is no burning process inside of e cig, that’s why no carcinogenic wastes will be in your lungs.

3) E cigarettes do not produce bad smell. Consumers of tobacco cigarettes suffer from bad breath. Moreover hands, hair and clothes of smokers have also got unpleasant smell. At the same time e cigarettes do not have such drawbacks, and it is extremely important; nobody wants to smell like an ashtray.

4) Smoking of e cigarettes is also a ritual. Many smokers cannot get rid of their addictiveness because smoking becomes a real ritual and kind of a lifestyle. And the process of consumption of e cig allows keeping this ritual.

5) E cigarettes are affordable, tobacco cigarettes are becoming more expensive day by day. Governments increase prices trying to force citizens stop consuming cigarettes. However there are no special regulations and directives toward e cigarettes. More than that smoking e cig is already a bit cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes. And the difference between costs of these products will become bigger.

6) No fire risk associated with e cigs. Sometimes smoking can kill a person instantly. Here we mean many fires start with a cigarette, a smoker can fall asleep without a cigarette and never wake up. Unfortunately such occasions happen quite often, but there is no risk of fire when you use e cigarette. This is one of e cigarette benefits. So if you like to have a smoke before going to sleep e cig is a very good and safe choice of yours.

7) E cigarette is less hazardous for passive smokers. People are extremely irritated with smokers, probably no one would be happy to become a passive smoker. But in many countries smoking is still allowed in most public places. However we should care about people around us. E cigarette is extremely helpful in situations when you don’t want others to become passive smokers.

8) E cigs can be used to quit smoking. According to e cigarette consumer reports many smokers switch to e cigs in order to stop smoking. E cigarettes are considered intermediate phase. Though there are no real proves e cigarettes help to stop smoking.


There are quite many advantages of e cigarettes. Supposedly now you understand why e cigarette is considered to be as a real threat to tobacco cigarettes. And it is not surprising that administrations of tobacco companies are against e cigarettes – they use all power and means to ban e cigs. Luckily positions of e cigs are stable. And as soon as smokers understand all benefits of e cigarettes they will become even more popular than ever before.

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