Are E Cigs Safe? Electronic cigarette safety

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With so many people looking at stopping smoking, they are going to find that one of the products that people are using is the use of the e cigarettes that are out there. They are going to find that though these types of ‘cigarettes’ are still containing nicotine that the person will find that they can still quit with this position. However, some people are just looking for a better way of smoking and getting the nicotine that they need to get through the day. This brings about the idea of the electronic cigarette health risks. Many people suggest that there is not enough research that has been done as to whether there are electronic cigarette side-effects and that this is something that must be done in order to make a sound decision.

The e cig health risks are something that most people are wondering about. And first and foremost, people should realize that these e cigarettes do contain nicotine. Thus, the person that has never smoked can become addicted to these types of cigarettes even though most people view these as a way to stop or to reduce the number of cigs that they smoke. Thus, this is something that people are going to want to realize.

Don’t start smoking, nicotine is highly addictive

Secondly, there is no FDA measurements on these. Thus, there is nothing that is mandating just how much nicotine that is going into each of these e cigs and so forth. Which can be a major issue with some people. With all that being said though, the health effects of the e cigs when compared to smoking the real thing seems to be a much better option since the person is avoiding putting all of these other chemicals into their bodies. And studies have found that more people quit with using these devices as compared to those that may use other methods of quitting that are out there.

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Thus, when looking at the safety of these electronic cigs the jury is still out as to whether these are something that are bad or not. But, so far, they seem to be something that smokers can and should consider to make their lives healthier.

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