E-cigarettes safety is still an issue

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E-cigarettes have been in the play since 2006. During the past four years, they have gained tremendous popularity and many smokers who have turned to e-cigarettes have been able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Almost every smoker who switched to e-cigarettes has shown a remarkable improvement in his/her health.
But still, e-cigarettes remain to be a questionable product and the governing bodies do not approve them. FDA to be specific has not approved of buying e-cigarettes and many anti smoking organizations like ASH are against it.

The FDA seems to be very concerned about the safety of e-cigarettes. However, they are still unable to state a clear and concise reason for their claims.

The distributors of electronic cigarettes claim that e-cigarettes hardly contain any carcinogens or harmful toxins that the smoke from tobacco cigarette contains. On the other hand, FDA states that it has not been proved . The claim from the distributors is based on the fact that the smoke from e-cigarettes contains just nicotine and water vapors, which is the reason why it is so harmless in contrast to the smoke from tobacco cigarettes which is produced by burning tobacco and in the process produces a lot of tar, carcinogens and a million other harmful toxins.

The claim of FDA, that it has not been proved, is based on the fact that it has not been proved that whether or not nicotine alone is responsible for cancer.

So in short, FDA is not approving e-cigs simply because they think that it still can cause cancer.

But the question here is, if tobacco cigarettes are still legal and people are smoking them which contains nicotine, tar, carcinogens, and millions of other harmful toxins; then why not let them replace it with e-cigarettes which just contain nicotine.

Isn’t it obvious that smokeless cigarettes are a lot less harmful than tobacco cigarettes? People find it very easy to switch to e-cigarettes because they look, feel and taste like cigarettes. Compared to smoking cessation aids like nicotine patches, which also contain nicotine, they can be easily adapted by smokers.

People who buy e-cigarettes generally show an improvement in their health with respect to their breathing ability and their stamina. They are also a lot more energetic and lively than before because the lungs and the body start to recover from the harmful chemicals of tobacco cigarettes.

If e-cigarettes can improve the health of smokers, then how is a public health safety concern? Should the smoker have only 2 options; either quit smoking or smoke dangerous tobacco cigarettes? If there is a healthy alterative available then why not approve of it?

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