Electronic cigarette market in China

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Chinese e-cigarette market continues its growing rapidly. Nowadays annual industry revenue is more than $200 million per year. Due to such fast growing, e-cig factories in China are opening every day and almost everywhere. Many of these manufacturers offer to wholesale customers from all over the world the same models, that are already popular. These models have many accessories and already opened facilities for manufacturing refills locally (cartridges and e-liquids). But some of ecig dealers in China still offering unknown strange coded models (ss11-pd2, rtf28/aa etc).

Both wholesale and retail customers should avoid small unknown Chinese electronic cigarette retailers because of inferior quality, limited compatibility of batteries and accessories (chargers, cases etc) and limited warranty on their products. If you are looking for quality e-cigarette products (starter kits, accessories, cartridges etc) we recommend you to choose partner in China very properly. Choose only proven old companies with good reputation, customer support and wide line of products. Otherwise you have s risk that one day a factory will be closed and you will stay alone with your customers whom you can’t offer refills for already purchased e-cigs.

Nowadays the biggest Chinese e-cigarette supplier in the world is It’s factory, located in China offers more than 1 million (!) combinations of e-cigarette kits, tens of refills flavors and plenty of accessories.

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