Success Stories from Electronic Cigarettes

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e cigarette storiesElectronic cigarettes have become the latest tools which are popular nowadays. These cigars had become an alternative of smoking an actual cigarette. These products were design to help smoker quit their bad habit. They also had become an aid to people that have addiction when it comes to smoking.

There are similarities and differences of an actual cigarette to an electronic cigarette; the big difference is that; an actual cigarette contains damaging toxins which e-cigars don’t. The similarities that they have are; both of these cigarettes deliver same amounts of nicotine; nicotine produced by cigarettes are harmful compared to e cigarettes that are harmless.

Electronic cigarettes feature a lot of functions that resemble the original cigarette. The satisfaction that an actual cigar can give can also be obtained using an electronic cigarette.

“The sensation that a smoker’s feel when smoking a real cigar is far better when using an electronic cigar”

– said by many smokers who tried this product.

The physical appearance of e-cigarettes mimics an actual cigarette, such as the ember emitted at the end by an actual cigar. The device glows at end resembling a real cigar thus providing the sensation of smoking the real thing.

Inspirational success stories were told by smokers who are satisfied by the use of e-cigar as an alternative to a cigarette. Such as the story of Jefferson from New Jersey who smokes two full packs of cigarette everyday for over fifteen years. He started using the electronic cigar and helps him a lot in handling stress without side effects, he developed migraines and asthma due to his smoking habits and made it hard for him to go to work, but now he is actively working because of the electronic cigar he started using, he no longer suffer this problems, and his asthma turned out to better than before said his doctor.

Michelle form Louisiana conquered her addiction and no longer smokes often. She stops smoking for over three months since she started using this e cigarette.

“I no longer want to go back to my habits again, I hate my old cigarettes, it usually make me cough”

Michelle said.

“With this e-cigar, I became more independent in smoking a cigar, heck! I have more money today compare to the time I smoke cigars.”

Daniel is fond of smoking the normal cigarette for more than forty years. He looks for ways to quit smoking but lasted only a day. This method made him unhappy, he experience stress and anxiety. He discover this electronic cigarette from a word of mouth, he tried them and given him wonderful effects.

“I feel a lot better now, I am tobacco-free and I feel great, I feel so healthy inside, I do not feel depressed compared to the procedures I tried. With these babies I save a lot of money for the past nine months”

Daniel said.

For those smokers out there who are planning to save more money and experience of smoking without the fear of having health risk start using electronic cigarette and discover the wonders it can give.

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