Delta 2 Review – Knight in Shining Armor

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Delta 2 Review – Knight in Shining Armor

We are already accustomed to the fact that every premiere from Joyetech, if it does not revolutionize the electronic vaping market, at least takes it to a fundamentally new level. The expectations bar has been lifted to the limit, but our Chinese friends are clearly not going to stop there! And the best proof of this is the appearance of the Delta 2 Clearomizer , which will replenish the Vardex range in the very near future. Incredible maximum power, stylish design, unique replaceable evaporators and huge potential – the official announcement of the device makes a great impression. It remains to find out how it corresponds to reality!9 portholes

atomizer Delta 2 - nine portholes

According to established tradition, we begin our review of Joyetech Delta 2 with a study of the standard delivery set. Inside the box, in addition to the device itself, there are a steel mouthpiece, an additional replaceable evaporator (another one is pre-installed in the atomizer) and … Actually, that’s all. The equipment, as you see, is Spartan modest, although quite sufficient.


The first thing that catches your eye when you get acquainted with Delta 2 is the original case, thanks to its characteristic elongated windows resembling the battle helmet of a Teutonic knight. It looks very stylish, but alas, in this case, the price of designer refinements was unreasonably high. On the case of the atomizer there was already a place for nine windows, but the specific shape and not the best location make them more of a decorative element, since it is possible to estimate the amount of liquid remaining in the tank with their help only very approximately. The good news is that the shortcomings of the new Delta end there.

Design features

On the bottom of the base there is an air supply adjustment ring, that is, the thrust is adjusted by simply shifting this hoop in the right direction. Exactly the same system was used in the first generation of Delta and has already managed to prove itself in the best way. However, there are still some differences. Firstly, the ring now does not scroll 180 degrees, but locks in one of the extreme positions. Secondly, the width of the “hoop” increased approximately one and a half times, so it became much more convenient to twirl it.

Delta first-generation air control system

There are two ducts, the thrust varies in a very wide range, and in the maximum open position it is not felt at all. Conventional advertising stamps such as “you can breathe through the atomizer” in this case are more relevant than ever! Of course, steam generation here is simply breathtaking, but we will return to this circumstance.

In matters of electronic soaring, size, as you know, always matters. Especially when it comes to flagship devices, among which Delta 2 certainly applies! The diameter of our atomizer is 22 millimeters. More recently, this figure might seem awesome, but at the moment this is a very standard indicator for a model of this form factor. The height of the second “Delta” as standard is 70.5 mm. A short regular mouthpiece can be replaced with any other if desired, but this is already a matter of taste.


the height of the standard Delta 2 LVC evaporator is almost 3 centimeters, and the width is 12 mm

And here one more interesting circumstance is revealed: the built-in tank at Delta 2 is designed for 3.5 milliliters of the mixture. The indicator is decent, only the first “Delta” with similar dimensions contained, if you remember, almost twice as much liquid. At first, it seems that the manufacturer simply made a mistake in the description, but you should unscrew the atomizer base and look at the evaporator, as everything falls into place.

To say that the heating element is big here is to say nothing. Just think about it: the height of the standard LVC evaporator is almost 3 centimeters, and the width is 12 mm!fluid control valve

Forget for a moment about its outstanding size and concentrate on the name. The mysterious abbreviation hides the phrase Liquid Valve Control, which in a free translation into Russian sounds like a “fluid control valve”. Most readers probably already guessed what was at stake, for the rest we will explain: the evaporator is equipped with its own mixture flow control system. Its upper part scrolls relative to the base, thereby opening and closing the corresponding valve. Thus, we get the opportunity to manually control the flow of fluid and more accurately adjust the depth of taste.

As for the impressive dimensions of the evaporator, then everything here is no coincidence. The case of the device hides a vertical spiral of solid thickness underneath. Immediately above it is a “battery” for liquid made from natural cotton, covered with a fine mesh. The heating element is capable of simultaneously “processing” a huge amount of the mixture, and the maximum capacity of the evaporator is 50 watts! At maximum settings, the atomizer generates such an amount of steam that in five minutes you can arrange a full-fledged rock concert in the style of the eighties in the room – in this sense, Delta 2 will easily give odds even to professional smoke machines. The resistance of the evaporator is 0.5 Ohms (which must be taken into account when choosing a battery mode), and the minimum recommended power is 20 W. As you can see, the second Delta does not accept compromises.

The taste here is also excellent – the depth and notorious disclosure are close to ideal, and the richness of the aroma literally amazes the imagination. At the same time, even at a power of 30 watts, a standard liquid of a small fortress gives a very strong throat and involuntarily makes you think about switching to “null”. For better or worse, everyone decides for himself.

For lovers of needlework, Joyetech prepared another pleasant surprise: a serviced evaporator for Delta 2. Apparently, it will not be included in the standard delivery kit (although it was attached to our test kit), which means it will have to be purchased separately. In terms of size, RBA practically does not differ from regular LVC, which is even good in this case – not everyone will want to install a new spiral under a microscope. We could not come up with any complaints against him: everything works as it should. A lot of steam, a lot of taste, even more fun.


Now the fun part. The atomizer is equipped with a standard 510 type connector, that is, theoretically, you can use it in tandem with any sub-battery mode. In principle, there are a lot of such batteries on the market, so there should not be any particular problems with the choice. Another issue is that few will be able to unleash the full potential of the second Delta. If we talk about production models, the most attractive “party” for Delta 2 at the moment looks like the Eleaf iStick 50W modwhose premiere is due to take place soon. And Joyetech itself is unlikely to be left behind: you don’t need to be a psychic to assume that very soon Chinese masters will release their own mod, designed specifically for working with the new atomizer. Those who are ready to make a small compromise and do not want to torment themselves with expectation can recommend the 30-watt model eVic Supreme.

Gas station

Delta 2 refueling is simple: the base together with the evaporator is unscrewed from the main part of the atomizer, after which the liquid is directly poured into the tank. The huge central duct with its presence complicates the task a little, but in fact there is enough free space between it and the wall of the casing. Any standard bottle is suitable for refueling, so you don’t have to suffer with a pipette

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