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1- What is an electronic cigarette?
-An electronic cigarette is an alternative smoking device to tobacco cigarettes. It is a battery operated device that creates inhaleable mist instead of tobacco smoke. It uses a rechargeable battery power called atomizer to turn liquid in cartridge which contains nicotine, glycol, glycerin and food flavouring into mist.

They look similar to tobacco cigarettes. Some models have LEDs on one of the end to make it more look like tobacco cigarettes.

2- Are electronic cigarettes safe?
-While nothing contains nicotine can be 100% safe, electronic cigarettes are much safer than tobacco cigarettes. Researches have shown that electronic cigarettes are 99% safer than regular tobacco cigarettes.

3- Do electronic cigarettes cause cancer like tobacco cigarettes?
-The answer is simple, no they do not. Researchers have found cancerogenic chemicals in electronic cigarettes on extremely low level which means you have to use electronic cigarettes for more than 90 years, at least 20 times each day.

4- Do electronic cigarettes smell like tobacco cigarettes?
-Another name of electronic cigarettes is smokeless cigarette. Smoke is what make tobacco cigarettes smell bad. Smokeless cigarette means there is no tobacco-like, bad smell.

5- Can electronic cigarettes be used in nonsmoking areas?
-Since they are flameless and smokeless, there is no restriction for electronic cigarettes. However you should consult your local officers for certain information.

6- Do electronic cigarettes help me quit smoking?
-Electronic cigarettes are alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They can not be used as a treatment for smoking.

7- Can I refill my electronic cigarettes’ cartridge?
-Some models can be refilled but most of them need to be changed.

8- Do I need a lighter for my electronic cigarette?
-They are completely electronic. You will turn them on and every time you take a puff, they will vaporize the liquid in cartridge.

9-When do I need to change cartridge?
-When the cartridge smells like burnt, loses its flavor or produces less vapour, you should change the cartridge.

10-Are electronic cigarettes FDA approved?
-Since they are not unhealthy and harmful, FDA approved their use.


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