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Electronic cigarettes may seem complicated, but in fact, they are extremely simple. When you use normal cigarettes you are exhaling smoke, but with an e-cigarette you are only breathing out a vapor. With the technology in the world today, electronic cigarettes have become simplified and readily available.

The battery is the main component of an e-cigarette. It is the power-source, and can be recharged as often as needed. There are several charging options for the battery: wall-charger, USB charger, or even car-charger. This is an especially great feature for people that are on-the-go. An LED light on the end of the rechargeable battery is there to simulate a lit cigarette, and let you know when the battery is fully charged.

A cartridge is attached to the other end of the electronic cigarette. This is the mouthpiece and can usually be flavored. E-cigarettes use liquid nicotine, so you can decide if you want high, medium, or low levels of nicotine. You can even choose to have no nicotine added at all. The flavoring agents also come in liquid form, so you can add as little or as much as you would like.

Whether it’s flavored or not, when the liquid nicotine passes through the cartridge it becomes vapor, which is a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. Of course, since there’s no smoke, that means there’s no fire. When using an electronic cigarette there is no need for lighters since the battery powers the cigarette and there is no real flame.

Electronic cigarettes are not only healthier, they are a lot cleaner. Because the only byproduct is water vapor, they create no ashes and don’t have any lingering odors. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative for smokers, and are easy to use and take care of since they are made up of only a few simple parts.


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