Joyetech Delta 16 Clearomizer Review

Joyetech Delta 16 Clearomizer Review
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Joyetech Delta 16 Clearomizer Review

клиромайзер Joyetech Delta 16

The younger representative of the revolutionary Delta Clearomizer series compared to the older models turned out to be relatively small, but this did not stop him from adopting all their strengths. The only constructive difference is that air flow adjustment is not provided here. However, this can hardly be considered a serious drawback, the air ducts here are large and the traction is simply excellent.

The most amazing thing about this model is its size. The length of the clearomizer is only 80 mm, the diameter is exactly 16.5 mm

At the same time, the Delta 16 looks really very elegant: it seems incredible that this almost miniature device is able to work at such a high level. The choice of colors is limited to black and steel, the case is made of stainless steel, which, even with active use, does not scratch or slap.

The most amazing thing about Joyetech Delta 16 is its size

The reservoir volume of the youngest member of the family is 3.2 ml. This is enough for comfortable use, although against the background of the giant Delta 23 , calculated as much as 6 ml, any standard tank looks, to put it mildly, modest. The tank here is made of tempered glass, so you can not worry about the safety of the tank and its contents.

Another advantage of the series is the most simple and convenient refueling process.

It is enough to unscrew the base and turn the clearomizer upside down, the liquid is poured directly into the body, no nozzles or pipettes are needed. Without exaggeration, even the one who sees an electronic cigarette for the first time in his life will cope with refueling.

However, when choosing a liquid, it is imperative to take into account that even medium-high nicotine mixtures at high power will be perceived significantly “stronger” than usual.

By default, the well-known C3 Dual evaporator is installed here , although the rich potential of the clearomizer allows you to demonstrate a very decent result with three-spiral modifications.

The total resistance as standard is 1.6 ohms, the voltage varies from 3.5 to 5.5 volts, which is enough for the device to work optimally.

The device uses a standard 510 type connector, that is, Delta 16 is compatible with the vast majority of modern battery mods. This opens up interesting opportunities for us, since the choice of powerful batteries is wider than ever. Note that it is such a Delta that is part of the eCom Mega ready-made kit. The clearomizer in this kit really looks very harmonious, almost merging with the rest of the body. The set makes such a pleasant impression on the quality of soaring that I just don’t feel like looking for an alternative to the battery mode. In general, the Delta 16 will be an excellent choice for those who choose an option that is quite powerful and compact at the same time.

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