Joyetech eVic review

Joyetech eVic review
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Joyetech eVic review

The Joye evic electronic cigarette is not just innovative electronic cigarettes, but a breakthrough in the world of alternative smoking. Soaring has never been so intelligent. You can choose the output power and voltage, control the number of puffs or nicotine entering the body, and also view the history in order to have full control over the smoking process.

EVic kit

What’s new in the Joye eVic model?

The Joye evic electronic cigarette is fundamentally different from other brand models like eRoll or eGo-C, since in essence it is not just a cigarette, but a mod. What does it mean? Read more in our review of the Joyetech eVic battery mod.

The very word “mod” is short for “modification” of an electronic cigarette. That is, this is an alternative smoking device that provides the smoker with more options than a regular e-cigarette. Among them – a varivolt, a varivatt, protection against a surplus, overload and a number of others.

But even among its fellow mods, eVic offers an order of magnitude more features and capabilities, not to mention comparing it with regular e-cigarettes or tobacco products. But consider the evic mod in more detail.

Joye eVic display

Features mod Joyetech evic

The new electronic cigarette Joyetech evic allows you to choose the output power and voltage, adapting the device to an individual style of smoking. Voltage readings vary from 3 to 5 V in 0.1 V increments, and output power values ​​range from 2 to 15 W.

The mod has protection against overheating, low voltage, open circuit and short circuit. This allows you to control the battery charge, set a limited number of puffs and find out their remaining amount per day, choose the amount of nicotine entering the body.

All these data are displayed on the device’s display in real time and with it can be changed according to your desire.

These features have become available thanks to the unique MVR software, which allows you to not only manage the operation of the electronic cigarette Joye evic, but also keep statistics on smoking on a PC. The software collects data about the mod’s operation, analyzes it and gives it to the user in a simple and affordable way.

The personal history of smoking allows you to estimate the amount of nicotine that enters your body for further adjustment, and also makes it possible to see how often and how much you smoke. And with the help of an intelligent mod programming system, you can set a puff limit for a day, which allows you to gradually stop smoking or minimize it.

Design mod evic

Model joyetech evic is made in a chrome-plated steel-colored case, which is characterized by increased wear resistance. The fashion lines are smooth, streamlined, because a cigarette is nice and comfortable to hold in your hands.

The case is offered in four colors:

  • black
  • steel;
  • white
  • chrome plated.

Speaking about the eVic mod, or rather, about the appearance of the product, of course, one cannot fail to note the dimensions of the mod. The full length of the mod is 124 mm (of which 78 mm is the length of the battery case), the width is 23 mm, and the weight is 114 g, which is typical for modifications of electronic cigarettes as opposed to more technically simple slim-class e-cigarettes.

Size mod evic
Among the visible body parts that the Joyetech eVic electronic cigarette has, only the cursor control key, enter button and USB port. The rest of the body parts are flush-mounted and tactile.

Cigarette control is carried out as has become a familiar keystroke, and by rotating the control panel. In addition, do not forget that you can pre-program the eVic mod on your PC.

The battery cover is similar to the eCab model and opens with a screwing motion of the hand. As with the eCab, the battery in the Joye eVic is replaceable. You can buy eVic with a 2600 mAh battery.

The Joyetech eVic electronic cigarette is charged, like other models, it is possible through the USB port of a laptop or computer, and through an electrical network, for about 7 hours.

Compatible Joye eVic mod with other models

One of the most important competitive advantages of the Joyetech brand is continuity, which allows each new cigarette model to be compatible with previous consumables and spare parts.

So the new electronic cigarettes Joyetech eVic are compatible with the atomizers series eGo (eGo-C, eGo-T) and 510-T. If desired, it can be combined with atomizers of other manufacturers, but for this you already need an adapter.

EVic atomizer compatibility

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