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My Von Erl (or BLU — new My Von Erl)

My Von Erl (or BLU — new My Von Erl)
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My Von Erl (or BLU — new My Von Erl)

My Von ErlTight cigarette puff, puff activation.

The Austrian version of the pod system, which is also released under the name BLU after rebranding.

  • Tight cigarette puff, puff activation.
  • Charging via USB, there are no leaks, the LED on the end color indicates the charge level. Can soar while charging.
  • The battery capacity is 350 mAh, the cartridge is 1.6 ml.
  • As liquids, we offer both our own and third-party tastes from popular manufacturers, for example, from Skills. It is noteworthy that Von Erl does this with an eye to the “slurry” popular in the country. The same Skills are offered to Russian-speaking steam workers, and to the Austrians – only of their own production. After rebranding for BLU, new cartridges appeared that are suitable for My Von Erl. For Russia, a fortress of 12 and 24 mg / ml and five fruit and tobacco flavors are offered.
  • The assembly from product to product varies, there may be “spitting” through the duct when tightening.
  • Dimensions 106.5 x 17.6 x 9.2 mm, weight 22 g.
  • Black body color.
  • The budget price segment, and the cartridges will cost about 7$.
  • It is the most budget device of the presented, which, however, does not affect the quality.

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