Green Smoke Electronic CIgarette Kit Contents Change

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On last week GreenSmoke changed contents of their electronic cigarette starter kits. Now all kits include 1 USB E-Cigarette. Retails price of this smoking device is $50.00 $34.99 (if purchased separately without kit), but price of Green Smoke ecig kits became lower!

Hard competition among best electronic cigarettes on the market forced Green Smoke to make huge discount additionally to improving their kits.

  • Starter Kit 39.00 129.99
  • Social Smoker Kit 09.00 99.99
  • Love Birds Kit $270.00 $239.99

These prices are retail, without our personal 10% discount coupon and special Halloween sale (up to Oct.31).

This USB electronic cigarette really helps with the charging issues. You can enjoy your e-cigarette without having to care about battery life. It still has tip lighting green, but it’s not looking like real traditional tobacco cigarette anymore.

Don’t forget to read our and consumer reviews, because there are several best e cigarette brands besides Green Smoke.

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