SouthBeachSmoke E-Cig Permanent Price Reduction on All Cartomizers

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southbeachsmoke logoWe have some very exciting news that we are very pleased to be able to share with you. SouthBeachSmoke has very recently slashed their prices on cartomizers to position them well below all their competition. To some extent their previous prices on e-cig Carts had held them back from becoming the market leader – which has been their aim from day-1. These new prices on electronic cigarette cartridges in combination with their lowest prices on Starter Kits gives  South Beach Smoke hope to become the top ranked brand within a few months. Check SBS new prices and how they compare in the chart below:

SouthBeachSmoke Carts Old Price New Price $ Per Cart Saving   GreenSmoke Price Per Cart /Diff V2 Price Per Cart /Diff Blu Price Per Cart /Diff
Deluxe HDP
(15 pack)
$52.49 $29.99 .99 43% $3.06 (20 pack)
$2.25 (20 pack)
$2.16 (15 pack)
Deluxe Reg.
(15 pack)
$74.99 $39.99 $2.66t 47% $3.06 (20 pack)
(20 pack)
$2.16 (15 pack)
Deluxe Bulk
(60 pack +)
$56.24 $31.99 $2.13 43% $2.72 (40 pack)
(40 pack)
(60 pack)
Premium HDP
(15 pack)
$41.89 $26.25 .75 37% NA NA NA
Premium Reg.
(15 pack)
$55.85 $34.99 $2.33 37% NA NA NA
Premium Bulk
(60 pack +)
$44.89 $27.99 .86 38% NA NA NA

As you’ll notice, with new cart pricing on the Home Delivery Program, SouthBeachSmoke are now the cheapest by far. They’re 35% cheaper than GreenSmoke, 13% lower than V2 and 9% cheaper than Blu Cigs. So SouthBeachSmoke HDP program is not only convenient but additionally cheapest way to get ecig refills.

Will SouthBeachSmoke became best electronic cigarette? Everything for that is already done.

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