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These are 5 supersaturated flavors based on milkshakes.
They are united by the concept of one of the most striking and unusual pastry trends of recent years, which has received the name overshake, or “super-cocktail”.

It was no coincidence that we decided to transfer this trend to vaping: a fancy dessert based on milkshakes is both effective combinations and an extremely rich taste. In a word, everything that we love so much in vaping.

And in order to achieve the effect of a real overshot, we did not limit ourselves to anything!
To do this, we used American flavors, and in addition, to completely cross all borders, we came up with a vivid collaboration with the famous overseas brand:

These guys know a lot about milkshakes. After all, The Milkman brand was just famous for its original tastes based on American milkshakes from the 50s and is already known not only in the USA, but throughout the world for its premium liquid lines.

Please note that this will be a limited version, so hurry up to the vape shops soon before you take it all apart!

When creating a new line, everything turned out like a puzzle. We ourselves did not notice how preparations for the launch went far beyond the boundaries of our usual team composition.
In addition to the guys from The Milkman, a variety of people, real professionals, took part in the creation of OVERSHAKE.

• CINNAMON ROLL – airy overshake with the taste of a fresh bun from sweet pastry with aromatic cinnamon.

  • Lemon Pound Cake by The Milkman

• VANILLA MILK & COOKIES is a thick milkshake with aromatic vanilla combined with crispy biscuits and chocolate nut paste.

  • Strawberry Churrios by The Milkman

• CARAMEL PEAR PIE – caramel milkshake with slices of sweet pear and a taste of warm homemade pie.

  • Apple Pie by The Milkman

• NEAPOLITAN CREAM – a gentle cocktail with strawberries, vanilla, chocolate with mint milk, based on the famous recipe for a Neapolitan dessert.

  • Vanilla Custard by The Milkman

• RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE – rich milkshake, where the taste of fresh raspberries and shortbread cookies is felt in the soft curd texture of a creamy cheesecake.

  • Mango Creamsicle by The Milkman

OVERSHAKE fluids are available in 100 ml SMOKE KITCHEN classic bottles.

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