Proper Guidelines On How To Refill Electronic Cigarette

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In case you own an e-cigarette, refilling the e-cigarette on your own is less costly than purchasing a pre-filled cartridges everytime. You should also know that refilling an electronic cigarette involves only two items to be refilled i.e cartomizers and cartridges. Even though there are many distinct varieties of each, they are mainly similar. We are going to outline a complete guide on how to refill e-cigarette as outlined below.

How to Refill Cartridges
Refilling e-cigarette cartridges is a very simple process. This kind of cartridge has a tiny cavity with a polyfiber puffed into it. We are going to discuss the drip method of refilling the cartridge since it is the simplest and commonly used by many e-cigarette users. The procedure of refilling the cartridge is as outlined below:

i. The cartridge should first be removed from the atomizer. The outer surface of the cartridge is then cleaned using a paper towel inserted in electronic liquid all over it.
ii. A small paperclip should be taken and one end straightened out. The paperclip should then be fixed along the cartridge side until you strike the bottom.
iii. You should then pull the paperclip to the side of the cartridge so as to push the stuffing to that side too.
iv. Take your electronic bottle and begin dripping the electronic liquid into the bottom of the cartridge. Continue dripping until after the electronic liquid has reached ΒΌ inch of the cartridge’s height. This is because you want the stuffing of the cartridge to be good and moist but not dripping and soaked.
v. You should pull the paper clip out so as to allow stuffing widen so completely fill the cartridge. Use a paper clip to fluff it as necessary so that it is flushed with the top part of the cartridge. Add one or two drops to the top of stuffing if required.
vi. Insert your cartridge back to the atomizer and you can begin vaping your e-cigarette again.

How to Refill Cartomizers
Refilling the cartomizer is just similar to refilling cartridges even though there are just some slight differences. The dripping method of refilling the cartomizers is as discussed below.
i. First the cartomizer is should be removed from the battery. Clean the threads of any electronic liquid that may have been built using a paper towel.
ii. You should then straighten out one end of the paper clip. Bend a small part of the paper clip at a right angle using pliers. This will be used to pop the top away from the cartomizer.
iii. With regard to the cartomizer, this might be the only thing that will hold the electronic liquid on the way of stuffing if it is good. But if it is not great, then take out the other stoppers in its way until stuffing appears.
iv. Now remove the other end of the paper clip out and slide it parallel to the edge of the cartomizer trying to ensure that it catches the stuffing.
v. Slightly remove the stuffing so as to drip the electronic liquid into half way of the cartomizer. Pour few drips on either side of the cartomizer.
vi. Lastly, add one to two drops to the cap of cartomizer till it appears moist and nice but not dripping and soaked.
vii. Substitute the top of cartomizer, attach it into your battery and get ready to begin vaping again.

When you follow the above guidelines you will save time and money trying to get some help on how to refill your e-cigarette.

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