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Green Smoke offering contest for Thanksgiving

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green smoke e-cigarette logoFrom November 9-22 all orders over 00 will be automatically entered to win a Thanksgiving dinner for 6.

So get over to GreenSmoke.com today!

Green Smoke, the leading providers of electronic cigarettes, are excited to announce that this year, 3 lucky customers are going to win a Thanksgiving dinner for 6, delivered to their door on Thanksgiving day. From November 9-22 all orders over 00 will be automatically entered to win.


“Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together and enjoy each other’s company over a turkey dinner,”

says Ken Berg, Green Smoke® Marketing Coordinator.

“”Smoked turkey” will have an entirely new meaning because this year dinner’s going to be from Green Smoke.”

This giveaway is only natural for Green Smoke, as a core value of the company is to give their customers the most value for their money and customer satisfaction is their highest priority.

From November 9-22 every Green Smoke customer with an order of 00 or more will be automatically entered into to win the Thanksgiving dinner. The winners will be notified on Wednesday November 23 and the following day, Thanksgiving, the winners will have their meal delivered right to their doorstep, courtesy of Green Smoke.

“We know that this is going to make their Thanksgiving,”

continues Berg.

“They’ll be able to spend the day relaxing, watching football and parades. They won’t have to worry about cooking, or preparing a turkey. Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on all that they feel grateful for. At Green Smoke we know that we feel grateful that we’re able to provide smokers an affordable way to enjoy their cigarettes without any odors, ash, or tar.”

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