Steps on how to refill E Cigarette

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You can either buy a pre-filled e-cig cartridge or refill it yourself with e-liquid. Choosing to refill it yourself will save your money. Refilling your e cigarette require E-liquid that you can either buy or prepare your own using E-liquid materials.

Filling your electronic cigarette’s cartridge for the fast time is not very easy since most of them are not meant to be reused. Even though this does not mean it is impossible to do refill. If you follow the right steps, you will enjoy your favorite liquid nicotine.

There are two different ways you can refill e cigarette. The first one is drip method, which require the use of dropper and the other one is injection method, which require the use of syringe.

Drip method:

When using this method, you have to open-up the cartridge and remove polyester inside the cartridge fast. Then using a dropper, drip some few drops into the cartridge. Then gently return the polyester into the cartridge and wait the e-liquid to soak up the filling. You may add some more drops to ensure that the polyester filling is totally saturated. However, ensure that they are not over filled until the liquid have accumulated at the top. You can push the liquid to give room for more drops to make sure that it is fully saturated with e-liquid. Once it is done, close the cartridge carefully. This method requires your patience since you need for polyester filling to be totally saturated.

Injection method:

The most preferable tool for refilling e-cig is a syringe. This tool ensures that e-liquid are not spread all over in syringe. Syringe allows you to spread the e-liquid evenly on the cartridge.

Here are six step Step on how you can refill e cigarette using syringe.

1. Remove the rubber cap at the end of your cartridge using tweeze or a small screw-driver.
2. Using your syringe, suck your e-liquid then inject into the middle your e-cig cartridge and fill it until you are about to fill your cartridge. You have to take care not to damage the customizer.
3. Replace the cartridge rubber cap.
4. Once you have filled your cartridge, you can cap it so that you use it latter or install on your e-cig.
5. Wash your syringe thoroughly by filling using fresh water as you flush it several times until it is totally clean.
Inject any leftover liquid back into e-liquid bottle.
6. You can put the cap on the syringe for future use.

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