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The following terms and conditions hold to the website you are visiting. You do not have the right to any information or materials posted on the site. We do not make the electronic cigarette or hold to the belief that it will help you quit smoking. All materials will be covered by copyright so do not copy any materials or download without permission.


By using this website you shall agree to use all Terms and Conditions, follow all laws and regulations that are applicable and will agree to be compliant with any local laws that are applicable. Any one not agreeing is not allowed access to this website or the materials on this site. All materials are protected by trade mark or copyright.


All materials on this website are as is. There are no expressed warranties of any kind whether expressed or implied. All other warranties are negated including conditions of merchantability, implied warranties, non-infringement of intellectual property or any particular purpose. There is also no representation by this website that the product will perform in any particular manner. Accuracy, reliability and possible results are not represented. There could also be unreliable use of materials from the web or other sites about this site and product. Since updates could be late to arrive, we will not hold to any materials listed on the site. Warranties will not be held to us to comply with since we are not the makers of the electronic Cigarette.


The suppliers and this site are not responsible for any losses you may incur from the product or the materials about the product. We are not responsible for any loss of profit or data that could occur by using the electronic cigarette. No representative has the right to authorize orally or in writing the possibility of liability by the website. Any damages will be at your own expense. We hold no liability in the printed materials or the Electronic cigarette.


There is always the possibility of technical, photographic or typographic errors. None of the materials on this
website will be warranted as being complete, current or accurate. Changes by the website can occur without you being notified. There is no commitment for the updating of materials. We will update as we feel fit. Therefore you cannot hold the materials as being accurate and current.

Prohibited Use

No one has the right to any materials on this website. That means you cannot copy or modify materials, put any
materials on public display or use for commercial purposes. Do not attempt to reverse engineer or decompile the software on the site or remove any notations or copyrights that pertain to the website. You do not have the right to transfer the materials or “mirror” to another server.


There are several links upon this site that we do not review. Therefore we have no responsibility for the contents
and location of the links. Inclusion of links is not an endorsement by us at any time. Using any links is at your risk and your discretion. We will not be held responsible.

Terms of Use Modifications

Terms of use can be changed at any time without any notice. When you use this site you agree to all the terms and
conditions presently in place. Updates will be held to when they are made, therefore reading the terms every time you visit is very important.

Although we believe fully in the electronic cigarette we make no admissions that it will help you to quit smoking in the future. We make no claims as to the safety of the electronic cigarette. Any materials you find on the website cannot be held against us in any way. We believe you should be able to decide for yourself as to the safety of the electronic cigarette and how well it will work. No one is responsible if the eCigarette fails to help get you off of tobacco. This is not a replacement but an aid that delivers nicotine when smoking is out of the question. There isn’t any second hand smoke for others to breathe but there is still vapor. Use the product wisely and safely. Do not use as a substitution. Quitting smoking is the better alternative.


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