Why E Cigarettes are Cleaner, Cheaper, and Just a Better Choice

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Use of tobacco cigarette is reducing significantly and on a daily basis. The main contributor to this has been the introduction of electronic cigarettes, and it is due to its many advantages compared to the negative effects of tobacco cigarette. These reasons have made us want to understand how helpful E cigarette is to a smoker that is why we try to answer this question; Why E Cigarettes are Cleaner, Cheaper, and Just a Better Choice?

In most countries, electronic cigarettes have been legalized, this means that they are socially acceptable and you are legally allowed to smoke them anywhere, including where smoking of traditional tobacco cigarettes had for a long time been banned, and in addition they are cleaner, safer and cheaper.

Reasons why E cigs are cheaper, cleaner, and just outright better
Do not give out smoke- research has shown that a tradi5tional tobacco cigarette has 4000+ chemicals, out of which around 250 have the capacity to damage your body. Among the 250 dangerous chemicals include hydrogen cyanide, tar and ammonia. On the other hand, an E cigarette only produces pure nicotine, which though very adductive gives our no smoke that pollutes the air with its unpleasant odors and gives no health complications associated to traditional tobacco cigarette like yellowing of teeth and fingers and lung diseases.

cleanersmokeCleaner air- E-cigs, compared to the traditional tobacco cigs, produce vapor when inhaled. This compared to smoke from regular cigarettes, do not contain harmful substances. The reason why for a long time benefits to the hosting government of a smoking nation has always been regarded as insignificant, compared to treating it, was because of the number of both active and passive smokers that became affected. With the introduction and increased use of electronic cigarette problems associated with passive smoking has significantly reduced.

Low levels of carcinogens– studies have revealed that the liquids used in E cigarettes do not have nitrosamines, a carcinogenic compound. The few brands that have it, the levels are as lower as 500 and 1400 of tobacco smoke. The meaning of this is that it will take a minimum of 4 months for you achieve the same level of nitrosamines while smoking E cigs compared smoking traditional cigarette. This makes it a safer alternative to traditional cigarette.
Controlled quitting- the liquid nicotine used in electronic cigarette is available in different strengths. This is an advantage to those who are considering smoking, because it makes it easier to quit smoking, by gradually reducing the nicotine amount in your electronic cigarette and as a result, your dependency on it.

Instant harm reduction- people have different reasons why they smoke. While others may be very willing to quit, others wouldn’t even if made aware of the danger associated with smoking tobacco. For such like individuals, switching from tobacco cigarettes to E cigarettes reduces your risk of developing smoking related diseases, some of which are very dangerous like lung cancer, heart problems and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Medically, it has proved that quitting smoking tobacco cigs reduce by more than 90% long term harm, if done by the age of 30. Still question yourself are electronic cigarettes safe? Read more of our articles to fnd out.

Expenses- in the long run, after making your first purchase of starter kit, you spend by far very little of your money on e cigs compared to a traditional cigarette smoker. On average, a carton of tobacco cigarette will cost you 50$, compared to 15$ for a packet of 5 cartridges of electronic cigarettes but offering the same number of puffs.

Electronic cigarettes benefits by far out way traditional cigarettes, and it is for that reason that I would strongly advice any smoker to consider switching to it.

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