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Ego One VT: Best in Class

Ego One VT: Best in Class
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Ego One VT

eGo One VT
eGo One VT

The modern market for electronic cigarettes is filled with devices of various levels, and technically the gap between flagship models and starter kits is growing almost every day. For lovers of top-end devices, this arms race is only a joy – manufacturers are constantly introducing new technologies and capacities, so that even the most expensive developments are gradually becoming more accessible. But what to do for those who simply do not want to understand all the nuances of advanced battery mods? In early 2015, Joyetech introduced the eGo One compact cigarette to the public., characterized by excellent “parity” and emphasized ease of management. The model turned out to be so successful that it became the basis for a series of universal devices aimed at the mass user. More recently, another replenishment took place in the hit line: the eGo One VT electronic cigarette retained all the advantages of its predecessors, but acquired additional functionality and even a new-fangled temperature control mode! How does all this work in practice? Let’s get it right.


Like all representatives of the series, the eGo One VT electronic cigarette comes in a standard oblong box of light gray color. The device itself is shown on the front of the package, the model name and the proud name of the manufacturer are indicated, on the back there is general information about the guarantee and Joyetech. Tearing off the transparent film and opening the box lid, we find our new product in all its glory. The device is presented in assembled form (even the evaporator in the clearomizer is pre-installed) and is completely ready for use – the user only needs to fill in the liquid in the tank. In addition to the steam generator itself, the delivery set includes a regular USB cable for connecting the charger, a single-amp adapter and three replaceable heating elements for different operating modes. The instruction in Russian and the warranty card are attached.

eGo One VT case diameter is 22 millimeters, height along with the complete mouthpiece is 142 mm


For fans of Joyetech products, the novelty at first acquaintance may seem suspiciously familiar. Indeed, the eGo One VT is like the base model of the series with the Mega Index as much as possible. Even the external characteristics of the devices are almost identical: the case diameter here is 22 millimeters, the height, together with the complete mouthpiece, is 142 mm. From our point of view, this is a definite plus – the line design came out really successful and practical, so there is simply no need to make any fundamental changes. However, there were some innovations here – six additional LEDs appeared on the device’s case at once, to which we will return a bit later.

Six additional LEDs appeared on the eGo One VT
Six additional LEDs appeared on the eGo One VT

Like the younger models of the series, eGo One VT is equipped with a special horizontal board, which allowed the manufacturer to drastically reduce the length of the device. Thanks to this decision, the model, despite very decent characteristics, turned out to be quite compact, and even looks very elegant from the outside. Stainless steel is used here as the main material of construction; oblong portholes of the clearomizer are made of tempered glass. In general, the model turned out to be monolithic in the good sense of the word, and it lies very conveniently in the hand. The manufacturer offers a choice of two color options: black and steel.


The well-known eGo One Mega model acts as the complete clearomizer for the new electronic cigarette from Joyetech. And this is also an obvious plus – the device has passed the test of time and, as practice shows, in any conditions “hover” as it should. A standard 510 type connector is located on the bottom of the case, that is, if necessary, you can use the clearomizer paired with any modern battery pack. A little higher is the air adjustment ring. At the moment, such a design is almost universally accepted standard and is successfully used in all any actual devices. The increased popularity is explained very simply: such a system allows you to easily adjust the tightening force in a very wide range with a slight movement. We note one more pleasant circumstance:

On the middle part of the body there are several oblong windows that allow you to estimate the amount of the mixture remaining in the tank by eye. It is worth recalling that in the first models of the line the windows were much narrower, and using them was simply inconvenient. To the credit of the manufacturer, this problem was quickly eliminated, so the current generation of clearomizers has no problems with “transparency” – the liquid is easily visible in any light. Finally, the upper part of the case is equipped with a standard connector for the mouthpiece. A complete drip tip copes with its duties perfectly, but if you wish, you can easily replace it with any suitable analogue.

Well and most importantly: the Mega built-in tank is able to accommodate 4 milliliters of the mixture, and in this sense, the clearomizer fully justifies the loud name! The flow rate of the liquid will depend on many external factors, but even with active steam, this volume should be enough for at least a day.

We also note that the lower refueling system is implemented here – the whole process takes literally a couple of minutes and does not cause difficulties even for yesterday’s beginners.


The main pride of the eGo One VT electronic cigarette is the battery pack of the same name. The model received not only decent characteristics, but also significantly expanded functionality compared to its predecessors. But we will start, by tradition, with a description of the design of the device. Like the complete clearomizer, the battery has a standard 510 type connector, which automatically removes all questions about its compatibility. Immediately below the connector part is the activation, lock and control button of the device, equipped with a special LED – a built-in indicator displays the current battery level. At the bottom of the unit is a micro-USB input for connecting the appropriate cable and wall adapter. By the way, not only a standard household network, but also a USB port of a computer or laptop is suitable as a power source. The capacity of the eGo One VT internal battery is 2300 mAh. This is far from a record, but on average, the declared capacity should be enough for a couple of days to the extent of active use. Of course, there is also a passthrough function, which allows you to combine the charging process with soaring.

EGo One VT Battery

Modes of Operation and Evaporators

eGo One VT electronic cigarette is able to work not only in the full mode of the varivatt, but also received a revolutionary temperature control option

Six additional LEDs and the corresponding settings pointers are located on the sides of the main key. And here we come to the most important point. Unlike the first model of the series, which was an improved mech mod, the eGo One VT electronic cigarette is able to work not only in the full mode of the variable mode, but also received a revolutionary temperature control option, which automatically brings our new product to the honorary circle of flagships. Switching between modes is carried out by long pressing the activation key with the battery turned off. In this case, the corresponding diode – W, Ni or Ti – lights up on the device case. If everything is more or less clear with a varivatt, then it is worth telling more about thermal control sharpened under nickel or titanium windings. In this mode, the device automatically adjusts the power, optimizing fluid flow and battery power. The main thing is that this function practically eliminates the possibility of a specific burning aftertaste even if the liquid in the tank runs out completely.

 Three basic values ​​of power and temperature - low (Low), medium (Medium) and high (High) eGo One VT

But that is not all! Pressing the activation key three times with the device turned on allows you to adjust additional parameters. In this case, the manufacturer offers us three basic values ​​of power and temperature – low (Low), medium (Medium) and high (High). It is clear that in terms of flexibility of settings, eGo One VT is inferior to the top battery mods, but for a device of this level the functionality here is more than sufficient. And strictly speaking, most of the steam workers have enough opportunities for all occasions. It is also worth considering that the actual performance will depend not only on the selected parameters, but also on the characteristics of the evaporator – the exact values ​​for various heating elements can be found in the corresponding table. In order not to go into details, let’s just say that the power here varies in the range from 5 to 30 watts,

Varivatt Power

Value / Resistance 0.4–0.8 ohm 0.8–1.6 ohm 1.6–3.5 ohm
Low 20W 10W 5W
Medium 25W 15W 7.5W
High 30W 20W 10W

Temperature in thermal control mode

Value / Type of Evaporator CL-Ti CL-NI
Low 430°F/220°C 430°F/220°C
Medium 470°F/245°C 480°F/250°C
High 600°F/315°C 600°F/315°C

The complete clearomizer allows you to use the eGo One VT electronic cigarette with all CL series replaceable vaporizers. Keep in mind that at this point, Joyetech has launched a whole collection of heating elements in this line, each of which has its own characteristics. Let’s start with a simple one: the basic CL model with a resistance of 0.5 or 1 Ohm is great for soaring in a varivatt. The CLR modification also shows itself perfectly in this mode, but at the same time it allows experienced steam workers to manually adjust the liquid supply rate and engage in self-replacement of cotton filler. Finally, the CL-Ti titanium evaporator (0.4 Ohm) and its CL-Ni nickel counterpart (0.2 and 0.25 Ohm) were designed specifically for operation in temperature control mode and are able to fully reveal the potential of this option.

eGo One VT vaporizer
eGo One VT vaporizer


So, what was the updated flagship of the legendary eGo line from Joyetech? To call it interesting is to say nothing. The eGo One VT electronic cigarette is a truly universal device that you can safely recommend to anyone who wants to try the thermal control mode in business, but is not ready to splurge on the top-end battery mod.

The device successfully combines high autonomy, regulation of air supply, a capacious tank, ease of operation and rich functionality. Add to this a more than attractive price, and voila: the new hit is ready! A system of additional settings, a good selection of replaceable evaporators, varivatt and thermal control modes – we have everything in our hands to achieve deep taste transfer and plentiful vaporization with liquids of any type. The main thing is to properly dispose of this wealth!

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