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SMOK Novo 2 Kit

SMOK Novo 2 Kit
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SMOK Novo 2 Kit Features:

  • Capacity: 800 mAh
  • Led indicator
  • Voltage: (3.3V – 4.2V)
  • Power: (6-25 W)
  • Cartridge capacity: 2 ml

Novo 2 Set Kit:

  • 1 * Set
  • 2 * Evaporator
  • 1 * USB cable
  • 1 * Instruction

Device Overview:

SMOK Novo 2 is a compact, powerful system that delivers a lot of taste. The vaporizers are great, they provide excellent performance and durability, and I really like the color options available for this kit.

  • If you need a reliable, versatile and reliable system for use as a daily “toy”, it’s hard not to love SMOK Novo 2. Since this is an MTL device, it is best to use it with saline fluids, as this will provide maximum taste and maximum pleasure from soaring.
  • In addition to all this, the SMOK Novo 2 is an excellent small-sized kit, inexpensive, easy to use and super-portable. I mainly used mine when traveling or walking with friends, and this is the perfect combination. You have more than enough battery life, and the device is so small that it literally fits easily anywhere.
  • Do not forget that this is an update to their very successful ultra-portable device based on NOVO cartridges. This time you have a larger battery and more power (up to 25 watts). The vape size, however, remains the same, which means that NOVO 2 is still one of the most portable.
  • The biggest upgrade from SMOK Novo 2 compared to the original NOVO is the battery; NOVO 2 battery is almost twice as large. And given that the device is identical in size, this is a pretty impressive engineering feat.
  • SMOK also acquired many new shades for the NOVO 2 chassis.
  • The novelty has no physical buttons; the cartridge is activated by breathing, that is, as soon as you begin to inhale, the device is activated. This works fine too. For several weeks of working with NOVO 2, I had no problems with this aspect of the device.
  • On the bottom of the device is a micro USB port.
  • As before, the cartridges of the updated version are removable and 100% refillable. Each one holds 2 ml, and you have options for evaporators with a resistance of 1 ohm or 1.4 ohm.

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