Direct Drop Kit

Direct Drop Kit
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Suorin Drop Kit Features:

  • Dimensions: 73/49/12 mm
  • Battery capacity: 300mAh
  • Works on cartridges
  • Cartridge capacity: 2ml

Drop Kit Kit Set:

  • 1 * Set
  • 1 * USB cable
  • 1 * Warning Card
  • 1 * Instruction

Kit Overview:

Greetings to all fans of vape. Today we are waiting for the review of the next device, the so-called “closed type”. Many have heard rumors and some official statements that the manufacturer of electronic cigarettes Suorin owns, drum roll, Apple. Yes, yes, dear friends, such things are happening in the world. It seems to me that everyone is familiar with Apple products, and they know how devoted this company is to their business. On this basis, people from the vape world expect outstanding results from Suorin. And now a new kit is released, called the Drop Kit.


According to the manufacturer, the appearance of the kit should remind us of a drop of water. Partly yes, the exterior reminds us of such a natural phenomenon. But for me it looks more like a flat egg. But, nevertheless, whatever it seems to us, the design still remains at its best. In the center of the case there is a part very similar to a button, but it’s not, it’s a regular decorative element that shows the company logo. Well, in terms of colors to choose from, five different color options are offered to us in this set, in principle, there is nothing unusual here.

Design and specifications:

One of the distinguishing qualities of such kits from the usual box mods is that the “closed devices” for the most part have very small dimensions that will allow you to easily operate the kit almost anywhere. This set is just included in this majority, its size will allow you to “hide” it in the pocket of your jeans and will not take up more space than a regular bunch of keys. The device works on cartridges, and their capacity allows you to keep a liquid of up to 2 ml. 300 mAh battery. You will not find any buttons on the case, their need is excluded here, the set is brought into action by tightening. The only insert on the case is the micro USB port. I forgot to tell you about the coating material, the manufacturers here used soft-touch,

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