Joyetech EXCEED Grip Pod Kit

Joyetech EXCEED Grip Pod Kit
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Joyetech EXCEED Grip Pod Kit Features:

  • Dimensions: 74 * 40 * 21 mm
  • Power: Intelligent AC Output
  • Battery: 1000 mAh 
  • Evaporators: 0.4 Ohm, 0.8 Ohm 
  • Capacity :: 4.5ml

Exid Grips Under Kit Kit Set:

  • 1 * Set
  • 1 * Optional cartridge
  • 1 * USB cable
  • 1 * Instruction

Device Overview:

The unrivaled company Joyetech has never left the vape game. Quite the contrary, this is the manufacturer that has such experience behind it that allows them to experiment with new devices, so at the output we get completely unique devices from them. And now I’m talking not only about the appearance, but also about all the other components. Let’s make sure of the greatness of the company and consider the next device they released – the EXCEED Grip Pod Kit.

  • Large brands such as Joyetech are expanding their product line-ups “on-the-go” in response to the popularity of both saline and compact, easy-to-use devices that are ideal companions for people who don’t want to carry a variety of hefty “ bandura. “
  • This ultra-compact small device is equipped with many innovations that truly set it apart from other AIO and Pod kits on the market. With two types of cartridges with side refill, the new product offers users the option of using lightweight puffs (DTL) with classic liquids and a cartridge with replaceable evaporator; a special cartridge is offered for using tight puffs (MTL).
  • Opening a tiny white Joyetech box was a bit difficult. A really good box, but it cannot be opened without advanced acrobatics or any tools.
  • When I finally did this, I was met by a charmingly small rectangular box (the device itself) with pleasantly rounded corners, a textured handle, plastic panels on both sides.
  • Along the continuous sweep, a matte metallic tape wraps around the base, top and narrow sides.
  • One plastic panel has the corporate identity of Joyetech, which seamlessly blends with the texture and color on the white version. The other side has the Exceed Grip brand in the center.
  • Looking from the side, I see a high-quality Delrin 510 drip tip in a snap connection on the very right side of the top surface.
  • Opposite this drip tip, on the upper left side, is a neat rectangular fire button the size of the tip of a thumb, white or black in color and with this subtle concentric texturing that I like … it is very mesmerizing.
  • At the bottom of the side with the button “fair” is an elongated horizontal LED indicator, under which there is a micro USB port.
  • So the first non-standard solutions went, everything looks unusual and innovative, since Joyetech developed a cartridge for this new product so that it was installed in such a way that it had to be “pushed” into the device on the side of the case.
  • The cartridge clicks into place easily. After removing it, you can see the small metal base for this cartridge, which is removable, allowing you to actually change the evaporator.
  • I see that the evaporation element is optimally located at the bottom of the cartridge where it can absorb liquid even when it is at a critical low level.
  • You read that right, this module comes with a DTL cartridge that allows you to replace the evaporator, which is rare for such kits!
  • Inside the box is MTL, a disposable cartridge that can be identified by the fact that it has a plastic base.
  • Being “under the device”, the novelty is very simple and easy to manage. It has a built-in battery and does not have a display, or other control devices other than the fire button.

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