Direct Wagon Starter Kit

Direct Wagon Starter Kit
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Suorin Vagon Starter Kit Features:

  • Dimensions: 100/24 ​​/ 16mm
  • Output Power: 12W
  • Weight: 25g
  • Battery: 340mAh
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Cartridge capacity: 2.5ml

Vigon Starter Kit Kit Set:

  • Set
  • USB cable
  • Instruction manual

New Review:

Dear visitors of our site, probably already noticed that recently more and more reviews of devices that are related to the electronic cigarette subtype “closed systems”. Well, and, of course, we will also devote today’s review to such an interesting trend of fashion in recent months. A new product was released by Suorin, a manufacturer that has been talked about a lot lately, but we’ll try to find out from the example of their new Vagon Starter Kit whether all of these more frequent conversations are justified.


As befits such devices, the appearance is quite neat and does not have huge dimensions. The design itself is similar to a wave bend, I think the designers set themselves a similar task, so that the device resembles this beautiful natural phenomenon. I would like to note how the indicator is made, informing us about the battery charge. Its shape can resemble anything, it all depends on your imagination, for example, it reminds me of a standard “tick”, like a sign that is used in texts, and a bird soaring in different directions with its wings. The top of the device, more precisely the cartridge, is made in black, and also has tinted plastic material. A decent selection of colors for the body of the kit will definitely let you choose the color that suits you.

Design and specifications:

On the device’s body, we won’t be able to particularly find any control buttons or anything else. There is only an indicator informing about the battery level. And also on the case we can notice a certain “clothespin”, it is needed in order to fix the device, as if it were a well-known stationery item. As for the case, everything is very simple, one-piece (in addition to the cartridge), made of plastic. There is no “fair” button, the work is done by tightening, it’s a convenient function, and plus, due to this solution, nothing extra “sticks out” of the case. The battery has a capacity of 340 mAh. A cartridge can hold up to 2.5 ml of liquid. The set is charged through a micro USB cable.

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