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💨 Good day, vapers and more! Today, it is definitely time to talk seriously about misinformation and the “yellow hype” that “circles” around vaping. I think if you opened this article, you know exactly what “vape” and “vaping” in general are, well, or at least you definitely know that there are electronic cigarettes – a full-fledged alternative to smoking.
The so-called “fashion” for electronic cigarettes has been going on for several years, but can soaring be called a “fashion movement” or a “hype chip”? I think it’s been a long time since! Vaping now is one of the most qualitative and productive methods of combating nicotine addiction, as well as smoking in general. The so-called “hype” and “guy where I want” are no longer relevant, even jokes on this topic have long died out.

АкSince now is the century of high technologies and we have Google search, you can easily turn to statistics on how many people die from smoking per year – the numbers are more than 5,000,000, but so that you don’t get confused in zeros, here’s it in words – More than five million people worldwide die each year from tobacco-related causes. This is just an unimaginable amount of human lives and destinies. And for some reason no one forbids cigarettes, because the main methods of struggle on the part of various world organizations and governments of different countries are raising prices for tobacco (cigarettes) and a variety of frightening inscriptions and drawings. Can drawings scare a person and cause them to quit smoking? Or can a price increase cause people to quit smoking? Is this the “helping hand” for tobacco control? Yes, none of this helps, because it’s hard for a person to make him quit smoking, it’s much easier to offer him a worthy alternative so that with the help of it he will finally give up smoking, and after that he will not use any alternatives, because they will no longer be needed.

💨But unfortunately, many national and world figures see everything “in their own way.” And not long ago, the terrible headlines “Vaping Kills”, “People in the USA Die from Vaping,” and the like, appeared on the net, in newspapers, and on television. Of course, people who “make full use” of the era of advanced technologies immediately delved into this topic and wanted to understand what exactly was happening. And the answer was not long in coming, and it was not difficult to seek the truth.
As it turned out, in the United States, where marijuana (cannabis) is allowed in many states, people decided to experiment, and the essence of these experiments was the interaction of vape devices and their components with certain elements of narcotic origin – the so-called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) *. What is it, Wikipedia portal described in detail – Tetrahydrocannabinol *, THC * (abbr.), THC * (abbr. From English tetrahydrocannabinol), Δ9-THC, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol * (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), one of the main cannabinoids is an aromatic terpenoid *. Contained in inflorescences and leaves of hemp *, partly in the form of the isomer delta-8-THC *, partly in the form of butyl and propyl analogues and tetrahydrocannabinol acid *. It reaches maximum concentration during flowering; after pollen dumping (in the case of pollen) or fertilization (in the mother) it is gradually converted to canabinol *.

As our acquaintances from America told us, one simply cannot go too far with these “experiments”, one must carefully calculate everything, and many do not understand this, and even synthesize (cross) additionally with various “amplifiers”.
Thus, we understand for ourselves that “killing” is not vaping, but its inappropriate use by a certain category of people. Someone hovering green to get “green smoke”, although this is stupid and there will be no green smoke, you will only harm your health, and someone went ahead and used vape devices for soaring drugs and the consequences did not take long to wait.

💨But unfortunately, few journalists or statesmen go into details. For some reason, it was decided with vaping – you need to “chop off your shoulder” – “hate”, “limit as much as possible” and “prohibit”. But full-fledged studies that prove harmful and negative effects on the body have not been conducted, and why? They decided to simply ban everywhere. But I think everything has its own logical measure!

💨 Yes, now on the market, especially the domestic one, there are a very large number of manufacturers of liquids, but what about manufacturers, many still make their own batches. But it’s one thing to do self-mixing for yourself (although you need to be as knowledgeable as possible in this procedure), and another thing when you produce liquids for sale to the masses.
Here I agree, in this case, “self-mixing people” must leave the shelves of specialized vape shops and all kinds of “snuffboxes in transitions.”

💨Production of liquids should be regulated by the state, I think so. Measures should be taken to control production, that is, standards and standards for the manufacture of liquids, their certification

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