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FDA Report: Electronic Cigarettes – Are they safe?

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fda logoThe Food Drug Administration (FDA) tested nineteen varieties of e-cigars. These e-cigars were manufactured by vendors like smoking everywhere and Njoy which have found out that they have diethylene glycol. These e-cigars examined have cartridges and detected traces of TSNA or tobacco specific nitrosamines which can cause cancer.

The studies conducted by the agency resulted from high levels of nicotine found in these e-cigars. TSNA was also found that can contribute to health problems like lung cancer. FDA conducted research that discourages the use of e-cigars for an alternative to an actual cigarette due to the fact that it is dangerous and not healthy to use. However FDA classified electronic cigarettes as drug delivery devices and subject to regulation under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) prior to importation to and sale in the United States.

Judge Richard J. Leon:

“the devices should be regulated as tobacco products rather than drug or medical products”.

Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA) testified to the FDA that their testing and studies are narrow and do not have reliable and valid conclusions. NJOY objected with the studies made by FDA due to the fact the study does not support potential claims on the effects of electronic cigarettes to the heath. Companies of electronic cigars made sure that the products are TSNA-free and are safe to use by smokers. They filter out dangerous elements and lower down nicotine content to electronic guitar to make them safer to use.

Electronic cigarette, compared to an actual cigar is far healthier for the fact that it does not contain tobacco. Tobacco contains high concentration of tar and gum that can cause health problems such as lung cancer. An actual cigar contains tobacco wrapped in paper that is more addicting and dangerous to heath.

The development of electronic cigar discourages the use tobacco and use alternative ingredients that can simulate the flavor of a real tobacco. In this way, smoker can inhales vapor that has lower concentration of nicotine to make it safer to use.

E-cigar can improve the concentration of a smoker with the use of harmful elements present to cigarettes. It helps boost the energy in the body that helps in relieving tension and stress in the muscles. Proponents have argued that those who use electronic cigars have found these stuffs to be healthier than those who smoke traditional cigarettes. Cigarette smokers are found to have large amounts of trace of nicotine in their lungs, compared to the e-cigar users. Many e-cigar smokers find it safer to use and recommends it to those smokers out there who want to quit smoking.

The use of electronic cigarettes is highly recommended to those smokers who are planning to quit smoking. It serves as another alternative in cigarettes that is safer and healthier to use in relieving stress thus helping smokers to quit smoking easily.

Anyway, FDA certified and gave licenses to all manufacturers of best electronic cigarettes, so nobody can tell that good e cigs are unsafe or dangerous.

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