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Electronic Cigarette Help Kick The Habit.

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kick smoking habbit“Smoking is dangerous to your health.” “Smoking kills.” Have you heard of these old advertisements before? Unless you’ve lived under a rock all your life surely you have. But have these sayings ever had an effect on your life? If your part of the vast majority of people who do not smoke you wouldn’t really take these seriously, but for people who do smoke, and desperately want to kick the habit, there are limited options to which it is possible to quit. One is to just stop. But that wouldn’t be fun, it would actually hurt. There is a more sensible solution to a smoker’s predicament.

This is where innovation happens, the e-cigarette, appropriately named “electronic cigarette” comes into play; an electronic cigarette works as a substitute for a real cigarette. It has the same concentration of nicotine, which is the same addictive substance found in a real cigarette, but minus the tar and the many harmful chemicals which cause harm to the body.

In a recent study published by the International Journal of Clinical Practice – it found that majority, about seventy-eight percent of interviewees were asked how effective was e-cigarettes in helping them quit, and the study proved that it indeed lessened smoking, and reported that some who smoke an average of twenty five sticks per day have not had any tobacco intake for thirty days, which is a significant improvement.

Majority also felt that e-cigarettes were more effective in kicking the habit of smoking than other FDA approved medications, such as nicotine patches, gums, or just plain stopping. They felt that e-cigarettes were the way to go.

Where does this leave smokers who have successfully quit smoking “real” cigarettes? Well, the whole point of e-cigarettes is for the person to stay away from cigarettes, and to help them quit, not being a substitute for another vice. It should come with the intention of quitting. And not just merely following a fad.

On a side note, e-cigarettes emit smoke in the form of water vapor. It may not look cool, and may look hypocritical at times. But it actually helps not just you, but other people. More people are prone to be diagnosed with lung cancer due to second-hand smoke than smokers per se, which is unfair, and downright ironic. E-cigarettes may cost more at first, a kit costs a little over 2,500php not including the nicotine refills. But hey, smoking is an expensive addiction! But in the long run, they do more good than harm to your pocket.

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