Lemo 2 Review

Lemo 2 Review
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Lemo 2 Review

Top manufacturers of electronic cigarettes do not so often indulge us with serviced devices. It is understandable: such “devices” were not initially oriented towards the mass consumer. Well, there are relatively few true vaping enthusiasts who are ready to regularly rewind, at least in our country. Nevertheless, industry giants, of course, cannot completely ignore this topic. Until recently, the last OA in the Eleaf lineup was the Lemo Serviced Atomizer. The model turned out to be not without flaws, but it was quite deservedly popular among advanced steam workers.

And just recently, the manufacturer introduced the world to the second version of the device, which received the simple name of Lemo 2 . The most interesting thing is that the similarity with the first generation model is minimal here, and in this case it’s even good! At first glance, it becomes obvious that Eleaf engineers did a great job on the bugs: the new atomizer was not only very successful technically, but also acquired its own unique style. However, first things first.


By tradition, we’ll start the Lemo 2 review with the package. The device is packed in a neat rectangular box with the usual design for Eleaf products. On the front side there is an image of the device itself, on the side faces and the lower part – the name and characteristics of the model, as well as general information about the manufacturer. Inside it, fully assembled, Lemo 2 itself is located, under it there is a repair kit, user manual, nichrome thread and cotton wool for self-production of a heating element. The set for atomizers is quite standard, everything necessary for the full operation and maintenance of the device is provided. The standard factory winding is also present, that is, Lemo 2 is completely ready for work, as they say, “out of the box”.

76.2 mm
22 mm


Externally, Lemo 2 looks great: strict design, good workmanship – literally nothing to complain about! The diameter of the atomizer is 22 millimeters, the height is 76.2 mm. The transparent flask of the tank is made of tempered glass, which greatly simplifies the control of the liquid level, and stainless steel with a non-marking matte coating is used as the main material for the housing. The complete steel mouthpiece is made in the same style and, thanks to the enlarged diameter of the duct, it resembles a turbine of a small plane.

Using such a wide drip tip is initially unusual, but since the connector is standard here, no one bothers replacing the mouthpiece with any more suitable analogue. But connoisseurs of thick and saturated steam, the regular option will surely appeal to you!

Wide drip tip Lemo 2
Standard Lemo2 Connector
Transparent flask of the Lemo 2 tank
 adjustment of air supply Lemo 2

Separately, it is worth mentioning the adjustment of the air supply – the thrust is adjusted by rotating a special ring located on the base of the device. Such a solution managed to prove itself well in many modern atomizers, and does not need a special introduction. Adjustment is carried out manually and takes literally a couple of seconds. The dimensions of the duct in our case allow us to vary the draft in a fairly wide range, although it seemed to us that the tight “cigarette” puff of the Lemo 2 is not very suitable. In some positions, the atomizer begins to whistle slightly, but after a couple of minutes you stop paying attention to it.

Gas station

Lemo 2’s most obvious design advantage is its incredibly convenient refueling system. Now, in most serial devices, a scheme is used in which the user only needs to unscrew the base of the atomizer and pour liquid into the tank.

It would seem that something new can be invented here? Eleaf engineers, however, went even further. On the upper part of the second “Lemo” there is a special valve through which the mixture is poured directly into the body, no special tools are also required. In order to open the filling hole, simply slide the ring located on the top of the atomizer in the right direction. The “hoop” holds very tightly and scrolls with tangible resistance – the probability that the valve opens without your knowledge tends to zero.


 gas station Lemo 2

 gas station Lemo 2

The filling hole here is quite large, so you don’t have to carry droppers or specially pick up bottles with a thin nose. The built-in Lemo 2 tank is designed for 3.8 milliliters of fluid.

The indicator is significantly higher than average. For example, even the flagship atomizer Delta 2 from Joyetech has less useful volume. As usual, the manufacturer strongly recommends not to pour the mixture to the eyeballs, leaving at least a small air gap. However, leakage problems in the second version of Lemo are not observed even with a full tank.

Atomizer work

External advantages and ease of use is good, but it’s not for them that we value the serviced atomizers , after all! Before we talk about how Lemo 2 shows itself in work, we turn to the history of the issue. If you remember, the first model of the series differed from its competitors by a particularly powerful blow to the throat, which led some users to indescribable delight, while others forced them to switch to liquids with a minimum nicotine content. The branded TX became a kind of calling card of this device and, in a sense, distinguished it from the background of classmates.

The second Lemo works in a much more sparing mode. A blow to the throat is present here, but it has become – at least at the factory winding – much softer. Is it good or bad? From our point of view, this is rather a plus. The potential area of ​​application of the atomizer has significantly expanded, and it will not be difficult to strengthen TX if desired. The wide mouthpiece was also out of place – the air supply here is simply excellent! Even with a standard heating element, Lemo 2 generates a decent amount of steam and copes with the transfer of the most complex and heterogeneous aromas with dignity.

Lovers of needlework will also be where to turn around. Under the platform with the heating element are two small grooves for fixing the spiral. It seems to be a trifle, but nice. The bowl, contrary to the first impression, turned out to be quite capacious – the cotton wool breaks in as much as needed, and even a little more. On the whole, we still had the most pleasant impressions of getting to know the new product, and there were no complaints for a couple of weeks of active use.

  Under the platform with the Lemo 2 heating element there are two small grooves for fixing the spiral


Actually, everything has already been said above. Before seriously taking up the review of Lemo 2, we played enough with the new product from Eleaf and managed to draw up our own, especially positive, opinion about it.

Convenient refueling system, elementary traction control, a spacious tank and almost unlimited scope for creativity – what might not be pleasant here?

At first, a little concern was caused by the filling valve (it was suggested that over time it would “loose” and lose its tightness), but nothing of the kind happened to our test sample. The model is perfectly balanced and looks very powerful against most competitors. Fans of “service” acquaintance with Lemo 2 is strictly recommended!

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