MELO Clearomizer – both ours and yours.

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MELO Cleaver

MELO Clearomizer – both ours and yours.

Eleaf company, known for its ability to produce devices for every taste, presented to the public an extremely curious clearomizer MELO . Improved evaporators, good tank capacity, practical design and reasonable price – formally, the novelty meets all the requirements of the time and surpasses almost all of its classmates in some respects.

Even a cursory glance at the characteristics of the model is enough to understand that the Chinese engineers did their best to create a device that would appeal to both beginners and advanced vapers. Only here are tasks in the style of “both ours and yours” – it is always a lottery. No matter how hard you try, everyone will still fail to please everyone, and you can easily scare away potential buyers with an excessive desire for universality. Was the bold experiment successful? Now we find out!

Contents of delivery

We postpone for a short time a practical study of the subject and see what good is offered to us in the standard package. The device fits in a separate, fairly compact box. The clearomizer itself is shown on the front side, and the name of the device is also duplicated for the most incredulous people. The bottom part shows the key characteristics of the model and general information about the manufacturer. In general, nothing unusual. In the box, in addition to MELO itself, there was a user manual in Russian and two original new generation replaceable evaporators, which we will definitely dwell on in more detail below.


Externally, the device makes a double impression. If the design delights of the flagship Clearomizer Delta 2 from Joyetech clearly prevailed over practicality, then in our case the situation is exactly the opposite – the new Eleaf has a simple and convenient design, but looks like a poor relative against the background of the same Delta. However, the taste and color … We assume that the subjective part of the MELO review ends with this statement. Further – only the facts.

The case of the device is made of stainless steel, the flask of the liquid reservoir is made of tempered glass. The tank walls here are absolutely transparent, which greatly simplifies the control of the liquid level and, in a sense, simplifies the operation of the clearomizer. The diameter of the structure is 22.3 millimeters, and the tank capacity is 3.5 milliliters.

The complete mouthpiece is also made of transparent glass and copes with its tasks successfully. However, the MELO connector is standard, which means replacing this part with any more suitable analogue will not be difficult. Based on the device, there is a standard 510 type connector, so there should not be any compatibility problems with MELO.

The MELO traction is regulated in just one movement, and varies, which is especially important, in a very wide range

Traction adjustment

Another curious nuance is the ability to adjust the air supply, or rather, how exactly this option is implemented. Eleaf engineers, who previously did not seem to attach much importance to it, this time borrowed an idea with a rotary ring from their colleagues in the workshop, which has successfully proved itself on the flagship Joyetech models. At the base of the device is a steel hoop, which, depending on the position, opens or closes the air ducts located under it.

Traction is regulated literally in one motion, and varies, which is especially important, in a very wide range. What did you expect from a device with five ducts?Note that in certain intermediate positions, the clearomizer begins to whistle merrily when puffed, but this can hardly be considered any serious flaw.


Now the most interesting thing: MELO is responsible for the vaporization of its own new generation of replaceable evaporators . In strict accordance with the latest fashion trends, one vertical coil with a resistance of 0.5 Ohms is used here. Among other things, such a scheme allowed to significantly increase the potential of the device – evaporators quietly digest power up to 30 watts! As for compatibility issues, there are already plenty of batteries on the market that can fully unleash the potential of MELO. However, before buying a battery pack, you should definitely clarify whether it supports subwoofer resistance.

Gas station

In order to comply with all the formalities, let’s say a few words about refueling the device, although MELO offers nothing new in this regard. The clearomizer base is unscrewed from the main body and removed with the evaporator. Liquid is poured along the inner wall of the device, after which the structural elements are reassembled together. The only thing worth paying attention to is the small semicircular cutouts on the bottom of the central duct. As conceived by Chinese engineers, they should improve the flow of liquid to the evaporator. Logic suggests that pouring the mixture into the tank should not be “under the dome”, but exactly to the border of these cutouts. For the rest, refueling is elementary and takes a couple of minutes on the strength.

Observations and Conclusions

Well and most importantly: how is it all steamed? Overall, very good, however, while preparing this MELO review, we found one curious circumstance. Even liquids with a small nicotine content in the new Eleaf clearomizer give a notable “blow to the throat”, and to an unprepared person it may seem, to put it mildly, excessive. This phenomenon is explained by the same vertical arrangement of the spiral. True connoisseurs of TX will be delighted, the rest will either have to significantly reduce power, or switch to a “light” or non-nicotine liquid, which in general is not so bad.

Even liquids with a low nicotine content in Melaf from Eleaf give a notable “blow to the throat”, and to an untrained person it may seem, to put it mildly, excessive

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