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Size doesn’t matter: eGo One Mini

Size doesn't matter: eGo One Mini
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In the eGo One family of electronic cigarettes from Joyetech, another replenishment has occurred. Following the basic version of the device, the “Mini” model appeared on the market – even more compact, but, according to the manufacturer, just as convenient and productive. The official announcement of the novelty was extremely encouraging: a decent tank, good battery capacity, excellent replaceable evaporators, excellent taste transfer, and at the same time – really tiny sizes! Against the backdrop of “gigantomania” in recent years, a compact device with this set of characteristics looks unexpectedly fresh. But is the advertisement true? Our eGo One Mini review will answer this question!

eGo One Mini


The eGo One Mini packaging is made in the usual format for Joyetech products: a small cardboard box, a render image of the device, brief information about the model and manufacturer. In general, nothing new. Inside the box, the electronic cigarette itself is detected, two replaceable CL type vaporizers, a USB cable with a charger, a user manual and a metal mouthpiece. The set is standard for all series, with the only difference being that this time the glass “drip tip” did not get into the basic set. Again, the connector is standard here, so you can use any suitable mouthpiece with the eGo One Mini if ​​you wish.


The design of the new product is fully consistent with its name – eGo One Mini, and that’s it. The device is an almost complete, albeit substantial, reduced copy of the first representative of the popular line. Significant changes were made except for the clearomizer, but we will talk about this separately below. The diameter of the electronic cigarette is 16 mm; its length, along with the standard mouthpiece, is slightly less than 11 centimeters. And even if the basic version of eGo One impressed with its compactness, then this quality is almost elevated to absolute. The use of the revolutionary “flattened” board allowed Joyetech engineers to significantly shorten the body of the electronic cigarette, while preserving all its functionality.

In total, on our hands we have an incredibly elegant device (and even a cute one, which really should be hidden), convenient and easy to use. Most importantly, with all of the above, the eGo One Mini does not at all give the impression of a purely “female” electronic cigarette – thanks to the characteristic strict design, the device also looks great in a large male hand! By the way, the manufacturer offers a choice of four color options: steel, black, blue and red.


As mentioned above, the case of the eGo One Mini clearomizer is made of stainless steel, the elongated portholes are made of tempered glass. The standard connector type 510 allows you to use it with any suitable battery pack, although it is worth considering that due to the specific dimensions on large batteries, the clearomizer will look out of place. On the bottom of the case is the air supply adjustment system. It is implemented in exactly the same way as in other devices of the series – the thrust varies in a fairly wide range with the help of a special rotary ring.

The useful volume of the tank here is relatively small (1.8 ml), but its tongue does not turn small to call it. Let’s just say: for such a miniature device, the indicator is close to optimal. It is clear that one refueling with any active soaring is enough for several hours on the strength, but this is also a very good indicator in this case. Again, the refueling system is elementary here, so you can fill the fluid on the go in just a couple of minutes.

Positive changes have also been made to the viewing windows on the clearomizer case – they have become noticeably larger! Compared to the first model of the series, the width and height of the windows is almost doubled. Needless to say, control over the liquid level due to this circumstance has become much more convenient?

In eGo One Mini, the lower refueling system is implemented: the liquid is poured directly into the tank, just unscrew the clearomizer from the battery pack.


At the top of the battery pack is a reinforced stainless steel connector. Below is the power key and lock eGo One Mini. The button is equipped with an LED indicator that is activated each time it is pressed and displays the current battery level. The connector for connecting the USB cable is located on the bottom of the case, which allows you to charge the battery in both vertical and horizontal position. A full cycle when using the complete device takes an hour and a half, and twice as much – when charging through the appropriate connector on a computer or laptop. However, waiting for the end of this fascinating process is not at all necessary: ​​the battery supports the passthrough mode (soaring while charging).

Of course, the autonomy of the model is far from record, but here the eGo One Mini shows very decent results for its form factor. The built-in 850 mAh battery allows the device to work stably for several hours even with an active load! In the “economical” mode, the electronic cigarette survives until the evening, which in itself can be considered a huge plus. And yet, if during the day you have the opportunity to recharge the battery, it is better to use it. Risk is a noble cause, but not in this case.


Like all representatives of the line, the eGo One Mini model operates on replaceable CL evaporators with a resistance of 0.5 or 1 Ohm. As conceived by the manufacturers, the choice should compensate for the lack of a power control system. As practice shows, most users rated this approach positively. For those who have not dealt with electronic cigarettes of the eGo line, we recall that the use of the first type of vaporizers allows you to achieve a power of about 20 watts and a better opening taste. The second, “ten-watt,” version uses less fluid and is characterized by a milder blow to the throat. Which one to prefer is a purely individual issue. Both variations are presented in the starter kit, so it’s easiest to try each of them in action, and then draw some conclusions.

In addition, for the “small but remote” eGo One Mini provides the ability to install a serviced CLR evaporator, and this circumstance should be discussed in more detail. To begin with, the heating element is equipped with a fluid control system (something similar we saw in the LVC for the Delta 2 clearomizer ).

The principle is clear: the more the mixture enters the spiral, the more saturated taste we get at the output, however, the liquid flow rate increases significantly. While preparing this review of eGo One Mini, we decided not to get involved in experiments and set the most comfortable intermediate position.

At the same time, due to the specific location of the spiral (or rather, due to the length and shape of the “antennae”), this evaporator cannot be called a full-fledged “service staff”. An experienced user will be able to replace the cotton filler manually without difficulty, but not everyone will want to suffer from the manufacture of windings – it is much easier to work with ready-made factory spirals. And here one more interesting circumstance is worth mentioning: CLR evaporators are also presented in two variations – with resistance of 0.5 and 1 Ohm.


What is the result? With all the evaporators described above, the eGo One Mini works at a very decent level, and in terms of the notorious disclosure of aroma, it is not inferior to older comrades in anything. And this, perhaps, is the main thing you need to know about the miniature novelty from Joyetech: compact electronic cigarettes have never been so “tasty” before! It is difficult to say whether this model will become the next sales leader (nevertheless, recently you and I have become accustomed to larger “devices”), but it will definitely find its buyer. Enthusiasts and extreme steam-takers may disagree, but vaping championships are not often held, and a simple and comfortable device for every day is always useful. And with this role, the eGo One Mini does a great job.

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